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At Dr. Aggarwal’s Wellness Multispeciality Hospital, our cardiologists evaluate arrhythmia and provide holistic treatment for every patient. Our center has a patient-centric approach and clinicians perform all diagnostic procedures, and treatments with utmost safety protocols. treatment of arrhythmia consists of medication, vagal maneuvers, cardioversion, or surgical intervention such as catheter ablation, pacemaker, ICD, Maze procedure, or coronary bypass surgery.

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Congenital Heart Defect

At Dr. Aggarwal’s Wellness Multispeciality Hospital, we have an expert team of doctors to treat a variety of congenital heart diseases with dedication and compassion. Our department facilitates state-of-the-art facilities to provide the best cardiac care be it therapeutic medicine, catheter or surgical procedure, or other advanced heart procedures depending upon the type of defect.

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Heart Attack

At Dr. Aggarwal’s Wellness Multispeciality Hospital, we educate patients with an existing heart condition on the prevention of heart attack. treatment include angioplasty, heart valve surgery, bypass surgery, atherectomy, cardiomyopathy, minimally invasive heart surgery, stent procedure, trans myocardial revascularization, laser angioplasty, etc, Our cardiologists are well versed with modern technology and conduct all procedures seamlessly and with a high success rate.

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Heart Failure

At Dr. Aggarwal’s Wellness Multispeciality Hospital our focus is therapeutic medicine, sustainable lifestyle changes, exercise, and weight management to prevent the progression of a heart condition. In advanced stages, surgical intervention is required such as wall replacement or repair, cardiac synchronization therapy, ICD, etc. Our cardiologist provides a holistic treatment approach for every patient depending upon their heart condition.

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Dr. Agarwal Wellness Multispecialty Hospital was established in the year 2021 with an aim to provide best treatment to each and every section of the society. We have vast experience in treating diseases of various health departments. Below is the list of departments with which we provide better treatment to our patients.

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We have a team of highly qualified paramedics and experienced doctors who are dedicated to treat you and to keep you healthy.