Dr.Aggarwal’s Wellness Multispeciality Hospital

Welcome To Dr. Aggarwal's WELLNESS Multispeciality HOSPITAL

Dr. Aggarwal’s Wellness Multispeciality Hospital is one of the most prominent multi-specialty hospitals located at Yamuna Vihar in East Delhi. Also serves in nearby locations. Here one can get the treatment of diseases related to various departments like skin, hair, nails, (Dermatology), Obstetrics, and gynecology, Diabetes, Orthopaedic, Cardiological diseases, ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat), and Physiotherapy.

Visitor Policy

  • Visitors with cough, loose motions or skin infections should not visit the patient.
  • Children less than 12 years of age should not be brought to the hospital.
  • Children who are 12 years above and have been exposed/ to incubating communicable diseases such as chickenpox, measles and German measles should not visit the hospital.
  • Visitors must wash their hands after contact with a patient's blood or other body substance.
  • Wards visiting time:-
    • 10.00 AM - 11.00 AM
    • 5.00 PM - 6.00 PM
  • Please Visit your patient strictly in the time schedule.

Patients Responsibility

  • You have the responsibility to provide complete and accurate information, including your full name, address, contact number etc.
  • You have the responsibility to keep appointments be on time for appointments and to call your doctor/hospital if you cannot adhere to the appointment timing.
  • You have the responsibility to provide complete and accurate information about current and past illness, medications and other matters pertaining to your health.
  • You have a responsibility to actively participate in your pain management plan and keep your doctors and nurses informed of the effectiveness of your treatment.
  • You are responsible for your actions if you refuse treatment or do not follow the doctor’s instructions.
  • You have the responsibility to take care of your belongings.
  • You have the responsibility to treat all hospital staff, other patients and visitors with courtesy and respect.
  • You have the responsibility to pay your bills in a timely manner.
  • You have the responsibility to understand all instructions before signing the consent forms.
  • You have the responsibility to tell the treatment-related facts & complaints which can interfere with your treatment.
  • We also request you to fill out the patient's feedback form before your discharge so that hospital facilities can be improved further.
  • Help us to keep the hospital clean.
  • You have the responsibility to abide by all hospital rules & safety regulations and comply with the "No Smoking" policy.

Patients Rights

  • To be treated with respect, consideration, compassion and dignity regardless of your age, gender, race, origin, religion, sexual, orientation or disabilities.
  • To be addressed by proper name and informed about the name of the doctors, nurses and other healthcare team members involved in the care.
  • To have full consideration of the privacy, dignity and confidentiality in care discussions, examinations and treatments.
  • A clear and understandable explanation by your doctor about your diagnosis as well as the benefits and risks of each treatment & expected outcome.
  • Protection from physical abuse and negligence.
  • To participate in decisions involving your healthcare except when such participation is contradicted for medical reasons and to refuse treatment.
  • To clarify all your doubts before signing the consent Forms such as the general consent form for surgery/ anaesthesia/high-risk procedure/etc.
  • To be informed about pain and pain relief measures to participate in your pain management plan.
  • The right to have a second medical opinion from any other clinician with in Out side hospital.
  • To be involved in the discharge plan.
  • Right to know the expected duration of stay and approximate cost of treatment.
  • You have the right to make suggestions & express grievances.
  • To have full consideration for any special preferences and religious, cultural and spiritual needs.
  • You have the right to access your / your patient's clinical records.
  • To refuse any treatment.
  • To request a copy of your medical records.
  • To have an interpreter if you do not understand the medium of communication.
  • To make suggestions and express grievances, to receive a personal response to same, if so requested and to have continued access to care without intimidation, threat, coercion, discrimination and other retaliatory action. No person will be asked to waive his or her rights, including the right to file a complaint regarding privacy, as a condition of treatment.
  • Right to give/refuse inform consent before transfusion of blood and blood product.