Skin Discoloration or Pigmentation

  • 17/06/22
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What is skin pigmentation or discoloration?

Melanie is a natural skin pigment that is responsible for skin complexion and hair colour. Due to alterations in melanin production, there are dark spots or lighter areas on the skin, these areas are known as pigmentation or discoloration of the skin.

Hyperpigmentation is the condition where skin darkens partially or completely involving the entire body.

Facial pigmentation: Our body contains melanocytes, and their function is a synthesis of melanin. Due to a surge in hormonal levels melanin production increases and dark spots appear on the face. Apart from this hyperpigmentation can be the result of excessive sun exposure, post-pregnancy, acne flare-up, etc.

It is a harmless condition and occurs in both women and men. The dark spots can be treated with cosmetic procedures from the best dermatologists, using creams, etc/

Cause of Pigmentation:

The increased concentration of melanocytes or hyperactive melanocytes is the two primary reasons for pigmentations.


Medications such as hormonal therapy, antibiotics, anti-seizure medication, chemotherapy, etc

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation: It occurs due to skin injury from burns, psoriasis, severe chronic acne, and skin friction. It also results from cosmetics products such as skin care creams. Inflammation causes the skin regeneration system to be non-functional for a few months. Various pigmentation treatment works effectively for this condition.

Sun exposure: Tanning of the skin can occur on exposed areas like the face, neck, hands, and feet. These areas become dark as compared to other areas as the body comes in contact with UV rays constantly. It also gives rise to the burning of pigmented areas.

Melasma: It is hyperpigmentation of the body due to hormonal fluctuation. It occurs due to pregnancy, hormonal replacement therapy, and thyroid dysfunction. In some cases treating thyroid problems can help in eliminating melasma.

Lentigines: With ageing, dark spots on the skin become more visible which are also called age spots or liver spots. The major reason for lentigines is excessive exposure to UV rays.

What are different pigmentation treatments?

Chemical peel: Alpha-hydroxy acid, and glycolic acid trichloroacetic acid are the chemicals used to treat skin discoloration. The chemical peeling is the exfoliation process of the outer skin layer and resurfacing of the inner younger skin layer. At the wellness skin and hair clinic, different chemical peel solutions are available to treat light, medium, or deep pigmentation of the skin.

Mesotherapy: It is another effective pigmentation treatment that uses injections of vitamins, enzymes, plant extracts, and hormones into the skin. The injection penetrates deep into the skin layers and imparts uniform colour to the skin. MCT miso injector further makes the process painless and without any downtime.

Nausea, swelling, redness, rash, scarring, and pain are some of the side effects of mesotherapy.

Microdermabrasion: It is a minimally invasive procedure in which the epidermis or upper layer of skin is removed with an abrasive device. It helps treat light scars, discoloration patches, facial pigmentation, and sun damage. Depending upon the severity of the pigmentation it requires multiple sessions.

Laser: Laser peeling works by passing light wavelength into the pigmented areas of skin. By targeting these areas the laser destroys the damaged skin cells and reduces discoloration. It is the best pigmentation treatment with no side effects and no downtime.

Q switched laser is a top-notched laser that helps in skin rejuvenation by improving skin brightness, texture, and tone. It is important to take skin treatments from an experienced dermatologist and recognized skin clinic for your safety.

Micro-needling: It is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that uses tiny needles to puncture in pigmented areas. The treatment is intended to cause controlled skin injury. That stimulates the growth of new skin by producing elastin, capillaries, and collagen and minimises pigmentation.

Micro-needling in combination with agents like vitamin C, glutathione, ferulic acid, and retinol causes better penetration into skin layers. It enhances skin pigmentation and induces natural healing in the treated area. Many patients can resume work immediately after the procedure.


Medi facials: These are medically acclaimed facials used for pigmentation treatment. At Wellness Skin and Hair Clinic, we customise facials that suit all skin types and are only performed by a certified dermatologist. It involves various devices and techniques such as microcurrent, photo rejuvenation, LED therapy, etc

IPL therapy: It is another form of laser pigmentation therapy, best suited for fair skin. Intense pulse light or IPL applied on dark spots, improves collagen production. The dark skin becomes lighter as natural healing occurs and new skin appears healthy.

Photodynamic treatment: It is also known as Super Blue light treatment. PDT is a light-sensitive treatment that destroys abnormal cells and reduces skin pigmentation. It is effective against sun-damaged skin.

LED light treatment: It is one of the effective, safe, painless pigmentation therapy. The red light treats areas of discoloration without being affected by sun exposure.  It can improve pigmentation costs due to inflammation or sunburn. It requires no downtime.

Pigmentation treatment in Yamuna Vihar

At Wellness skin and hair clinic, facial pigmentation and other discoloration procedures are carried out at an affordable price. Dr. Aggarwal is an eminent dermatologist who evaluates the severity of the skin condition and advises on the best skin treatment. In some patients to treat pigmentation, combination therapy is used depending on the severity of pigmentation.

We use a holistic approach for every patient and provide a custom-made treatment plan for every skin type. Our hospital is adept with cutting-edge technology and provides state of an art facilities to patients.

Cost of pigmentation treatment in East Delhi

The cost of pigmentations laser treatment is approximately 8000 to 10,000 INR per session in Delhi. There are different pigmentation treatments for different skin types and depending upon the severity of pigmentation, the surface area covered for the treatment, etc.

A good news is - pigmentation is not permanent, and it can be treated with a few sessions for desired results. Laser pigmentation is one of the advanced procedures that can remove age spots, sun-damaged skin, facial pigmentation, freckles, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, flat pigmented birthmarks, etc.