Total Abdomen Hysterectomy

At Dr. Aggarwal’s Wellness Multispecialty Hospital, total abdominal hysterectomy is carried out with the latest technology and state-of-the-art facility. We facilitate compassionate and high-quality care for fibroids endometriosis and, malignancies like uterine cancer, cervical cancer, and ovarian cancer.


Benefits of total abdominal hysterectomy:

  • When other treatment modalities fail, total abdominal hysterectomy is performed to provide relief of symptoms. 

  • Abdominal hysterectomy helps to get rid of heavy periods, fibroids, vaginal prolapse, endometriosis. 

  • It provides relief from chronic pelvic pain, pelvic inflammatory diseases.

  • It used as a treatment of cancer and post-surgery eliminates the risk of uterine cancer.

Why choose us?

  • Cutting edge technology: Abdominal hysterectomy is a major surgical procedure; however, use of new technical advances minimises post-surgical complications.

  • Lower risk of infection: Strict asepsis and high preventive measures aids in lower chances of infection post operatively.

  • Recovery time: The latest technology and state of the art facility decrease the recovery time and minimise hospital stay.

  • Psychological care: Our centre has a multidisciplinary team that take good care of women after hysterectomy as they are more polar able to depressive symptoms, anxiety, and long-term mental health issues.


  • Provide detailed medical and current medication history to your gynaecologist and follow the instructions.

  • The patient will receive intravenous antibiotic medication, preoperative cleansing soap, Vaginal and Rectal cleanser to reduce chances of infection.

  • Observe your signs of pain, vagina bleeding. Incase of more pain or bleeding you can discuss it with your doctor.

  • Do not lift heavy objects for at least 6 weeks after surgery.

  • Sexual activity Should not be performed until full recovery.

Step by step approach: At Dr. Aggarwal’s Wellness Multispecialty Hospital, we perform total abdominal hysterectomy for gynaecological cancers, fibroids, uterine prolapse, endometriosis, excessive vaginal bleeding, chronic pelvic pain.

In total hysterectomy uterus as well as cervix is removed. In some cases, along with the uterus, both ovaries and fallopian tubes are removed, it is called Bilateral Salpingo oophorectomy.

A woman cannot get pregnant after abdominal hysterectomy. We discuss the aftermath in detail and try toresolve their queries.

Our gynaecologist uses aholistic approach for every female patient and leverage is their skill and experience to improve quality of life in each patient.

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