Normal Delivery In Yamuna Vihar, Delhi

Dr.Aggarwal’s Wellness Multispeciality hospital is considered one of the most affordable, safest, and best a normal delivery hospital in Yamuna Vihar, Bhajanpura, Gokulpuri, and surrounding areas. At Dr.Aggarwal’s Wellness Multispeciality Hospital, our team of obstetricians places a special focus on normal birthing. Our care team designs personalized birth plans and labor strategies that offer a safe and normal vaginal delivery.

Dr. Saloni Aggarwal is the best gynecologist in Yamuna Vihar, Delhi for normal delivery. At Dr.Aggarwal’s Wellness Multispecialty Hospital, our expert gynecologist boosts pregnant women to undergo normal delivery. Normal delivery is a natural process in which the baby is delivered by vaginal route. We prepare women’s body and mind through prenatal and antenatal check-ups and physical exercises to promote natural birth.

At Dr.Aggarwal’s Wellness Aggarwal's Multispeciality Hospital, we provide our patients with an exclusive professional and highly-specialized normal delivery package and prenatal care, resulting in safe and healthy baby delivery. We have experienced medical professionals on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to monitor the various stages of pregnancy through constant observation. Our Maternity Specialist Team provides care and counseling to expectant and new mothers regarding maternity diet plans, maternity care, including affordable maternity package cost, and other maternity-related questions.

Normal Delivery is also known as Vaginal Delivery. Normal delivery is the most recommended and safest option for women who have reached the end of their pregnancy. Normal delivery doesn't include any surgical procedure. And so is the simplest delivery method as well as the one that allows the body to recover the fastest. Any woman with a healthy lifestyle and normal blood pressure can give vaginal birth to the baby. After a normal delivery, it does not require surgery, so the body heals rapidly, and it is the best option for both mother and child since it stimulates lactation. At Dr.Aggarwal’s Wellness Multispeciality hospital, Dr. Saloni Aggarwal provides the safest and most comfortable normal delivery of healthy babies in the city. Her patient base is not restricted to Yamuna Vihar only. Patients travel from Gokulpuri, Bhajanpura, Shahdara, and Noida.

Normal Delivery
Vaginal delivery
Normal Delivery In Yamuna Vihar

Benefits of vaginal delivery:

  • It does not require surgery and the mother and baby get discharged within 24 hours of surgery.

  • It minimises the chance of infection and blood loss in a mother as well as allows faster recovery.

  • In vaginal delivery, cortisone release helps in the baby's lung maturation and the baby acquires healthy bacteria to strengthen immunity.

  • There are no complications, so the mother is with the baby from Day-1, and it also reduces the financial burden on the family.

Benefits of taking this treatment from us:-

  • Experienced Staff: Our obstetrician has the right experience to motivate mothers to undergo vaginal delivery and the skill and knowledge to train them for labour.

  • Lower risk of infection: Strict asepsis and high preventive measures aids in lower chances of infection post-operatively.

  • Recovery time: The latest technology and state of the art facility decrease the recovery time and minimise hospital stay.

  • 24 × 7 neonatal ICU: Along with the mother we care for you little one and in cases of emergency we have round the clock NICU for new-borns.


  • After normal delivery, a mother can resume daily activities within 24 hours.

  • Do not lift heavy weights, as the body is healing.

  • Support the stomach with pillows while breastfeeding.

  • Keep yourself hydrated to balance the fluid loss in the body.

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Step-by-step approach:

At Dr.Aggarwal’s Wellness Multispecialty Hospital, we aim to promote vaginal birth for every mother for optimal maternal and neonatal outcomes.

Our gynaecologist assesses medical conditions and provides preconception counseling for couples. They insist on a healthy lifestyle, nutrition and prenatal supplement, healthy weight management etc.

Regular antenatal delivery check-ups evaluate the mother and baby’s condition each month, to help in achieving normal delivery.

Opting for normal delivery is a wise choice if mothers do not have any medical condition, our doctors resolve the fear in young mothers. We prepare their mind and body for labour through counseling, breathing techniques, and pelvic floor muscle exercise.

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