At Dr. Aggarwal’s Wellness Multispeciality Hospital, the ENT department has a highly qualified and experienced team of ENT surgeons. They are well versed in conservative and surgical correction of a variety of conditions. Extremely delicate operations to restore hearing, open blocked airways, sinus surgeries, cancer surgeries, and reconstruction of an essential structure are carried out with the help of advanced technology.

Benefits Of ENT Treatment:


  • High-end operation theatre: Our operation theatres are specially designed from the smallest surgical tools to each piece of equipment to aid in patients’ comfort.
  • State of the art technology: Our up-to-date procedures and equipment facilitate a significant reduction in hospital stays.
  • Top-notch ENT surgeons: Experienced ENT specialists are available round the clock for the diagnosis and treatment of all ENT-related disorders.
  • Advanced diagnostic aids:  Advanced diagnostic aids yield an accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment.

Step by Step Procedure Of ENT Treatment:
Our centre provides high standard ENT services in a fully equipped setting. 
Our surgeons are available round the clock for routine as well as emergency treatment.
The key feature of our department is the provision of functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS), surgery for Vertigo, laser excision of the laryngeal lesion, and modern diagnostic aids. 
Neuro surgeries in relation to ENT are also carried out for various cancer and tumour treatments. 
Our ENT surgeons work in collaboration with oncologists and plastic surgeons for advanced surgeries. 
Our centre has cutting edge equipment such as high-definition endoscopy, neuromonitoring, navigation techniques, and intraoperative imaging.
We have qualified speech therapists to provide patients with comprehensive speech correction facilities. 
Our department customizes hearing aids as per the evaluation and requirements of the patient. 
Our department facilitates minimally invasive procedures to achieve painless and scarless outcomes. 
We ensure a 100% success rate for all ENT procedures in a budget-friendly manner.

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Your general practitioner should be able to take care of minor conditions that last less than three weeks. But an issue lasting longer than that is a sign of a possible chronic condition, which should then be treated by an ENT. Also, see an ENT as soon as possible if you experience symptoms of sinus problem that affect your vision or make you feel exceptionally lethargic, as this may be a sign that your brain is being affected.

Children under the age of three average one to two ear infections a year. These occur when fluid becomes trapped in the middle ear following a viral or bacterial infection. Younger children are most susceptible because their Eustachian tubes are short and still developing, making them prone to swelling and blockages.

The majority of ear infections will run their course in about a week. Pain can be managed with over-the-counter medications, eardrops, and warm compresses. If a bacterial infection is the cause, antibiotics are prescribed. Children who experience chronic ear infections may benefit from ear tubes.

In addition to sinusitis, nasal obstruction may be the result of a deviated septum, enlargement of the nasal turbinates, adenoid enlargement or nasal polyps. There are surgical solutions for these conditions when indicated.