Laser Hair Reduction Treatment

The laser hair reduction method is an effective, efficient, and relatively painless method. In this process, a laser beam passes through the skin into each hair follicle to remove hair. The intense beam of light produces immense heat, which destroys the hair follicles. The procedure prevents hair growth in the future. Now a days the laser hair removal procedure is quickly catching a lot of attention from people. 

If you are looking for a permanent laser hair removal solution to remove unwanted body hair? Opt for the advanced laser hair removal technology at Dr. Aggarwal's Wellness Multispeciality Hospital in Yamuna Vihar, Delhi.
Waxing for the Laser hair reduction treatment on leg
Saver for the Laser hair reduction treatment on face of a male
Saver for Laser hair reduction treatment on face of a female

Benefits of Laser Hair Reduction

    • No skin damage: Laser hair reduction is a precise method, which focuses only on hair follicles. Hence surrounding skin does not get affected.

    • Quick procedure: Every pulse of the laser targets more hairs at a time. The duration of the procedure depends upon the area of the body. Small areas like the upper lip will be covered within a minute. A full hand or full leg requires 50 to 60 minutes or more.

    • Painless: Hair reduction using a laser is relatively painless due to minimum heat transmission to the operation of body parts.

    • Cost effective: Laser hair reduction treatment has long-lasting results. It eliminates expenditures on waxing, shaving kits, etc. The Laser hair removal cost also depends on the area of treatment on your body and the sittings required.

    • Convenient: It saves energy and time during everyday hassle.

    • Sessions of hair reduction: On average many patients appreciate the loss of hair on the body after 3 to 7 sessions. Sometimes follow-up laser hair removal sessions are also recommended.

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Precautions Before Laser Hair Reduction

  • Inform your dermatologist regarding current medication and medical problems.

  • The skin should be free of oil and makeup.

  • Avoid bleaching procedures, as they may interfere with the success of treatment.

  • Threading, plucking, and waxing are not recommended as they may disturb the hair shaft.

  • Avoid sun tanning or applying self-tanning products

Cost Of Laser Hair Reduction

The cost of laser hair removal depends on many factors, such as -

  Area of body part to be treated 

  Types of laser technology

  Skin and hair types

  No. of sessions required

  Standard of hospital/Clinic

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Laser Hair removal treatment in Yamuna Vihar Delhi

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For most people, laser hair removal does not hurt. However, it all depends on your threshold for pain. Most people say that it feels like snapping a rubber band against the skin. But if you’re overly sensitive to pain, you may experience some minor discomfort.

The answer is yes. The U.S Food and Drug Administration approved it as a safe method for hair removal in 1997. However, laser hair removal is only safe when a licensed technician performs the procedure.

Laser hair removal involves the use of laser pulses. These pulses emit light into the skin that destroys the root and follicle of the hair. When the root and follicle are destroyed, hair can no longer grow. For this process to work, the hair must be targeted during an active growth phase. However, individual hairs usually grow at different rates. Therefore, it takes several treatment sessions to capture every hair in the growth phase and produce optimal results.

Some people see permanent results, while some people may need a touch-up treatment every six to twelve months. Results vary depending on your hair type and skin type. Proper preparation and aftercare can also affect how long the results last.

Laser removal can be performed on any area of the body except the eyelids. The most popular treatment areas are the legs, back, arms, chest, upper lip, underarms, and bikini area. You can also get laser hair removal on your ears, nose, scalp, forehead, eyebrows, and other parts of your face.