PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. PRP therapy is used for hair fall control and constituents of your own blood. After injecting platelet-rich plasma into the scalp, it stimulates hair growth. It induces the body’s natural cell response and triggers regeneration in the hair. 

At Dr. Aggarwal's Wellness Multispeciality Hospital, PRP therapy to cover your hair loss is provided at an affordable price. Our eminent dermatologist Dr. Anuj Aggarwal (MBBS, MD) evaluates the severity of the hair fall and advises the number of sessions required. The patient’s blood is centrifuged to separate red blood cells and other blood components from the platelets. Injection of higher concentrated platelets into the scalp is a magical hair fall solution. 

We have the best dermatologists at Dr. Aggarwal's Wellness Multispeciality Hospital, in Yamuna Vihar, Delhi you can book an appointment with our dermatologists for getting PRP therapy. It is safe and effective for both women and men, who experience pattern baldness. Hair growth treatments are also recommended for those, who suffer from hair loss and wish to encourage the growth of new thicker hair. Best hair loss treatment in Yamuna Vihar. Dr. Aggarwal's Wellness Multispeciality Hospital on of the best hospital for PRP therapy.

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Advantages of PRP treatment


  • It is a minimally invasive procedure and does not require any surgery.

  • It is a relatively painless procedure and minimizes discomfort.

  • It is effective against different kinds of hair loss from alopecia to androgenetic alopecia.

  • No use of harmful chemicals.

  • One of the fastest Hair Fall treatments,

  • It prevents the transmission of bloodborne diseases.

  • The patient can resume work after treatment immediately.

  • It can be used in tandem with hair transplantation, as it aids in the preservation of hair grafts.

  • The procedure is not the only best treatment for hair loss but is also effective in skin tightening and rejuvenation.

Benefits of taking this treatment from us:-

  • Shorter Recovery Period: As a result of the PRP hair procedure, downtime is not necessary. The patient can resume their regular routine right away.

  • Outpatient Procedure: PRP can be performed as an outpatient procedure in just 45-60 minutes. There is no need to spend the whole day in the clinic. You can come at a convenient time for you.

  • Painless: PRP therapy is relatively painless due to the sequential mission of energy and no damage scalp.

  • Cost-effective: PRP therapy has long-lasting results, it eliminates limitless expenditure on treatment.

Precautions to be taken before & after treatment:-

Dr. Anuj Aggarwal (MBBS, MD) one of the best dermatologists in Delhi guides patients about precautions before considering PRP as a hair fall solution

  • You have to Inform about your current medication and stop taking blood thinners such as aspirin, and ibuprofen.

  • As per the doctor's advice, patients might have to stop taking vitamin and Omega 3 fatty acid supplements prior to treatment.

  • If the treatment starts withdrawing blood, the patient might feel weakness or dizziness. To avoid this, eating properly is important.

  • Hair products should not be used before or after at least 6 hours of your treatment.

  • Saunas, steam rooms, and swimming must be avoided for 2 days after your treatment.

  • Alcohol, Caffeine, and Smoking must be avoided for at least for 3days after treatment.

  •  Meet the doctor immediately if pus comes, Redness, and if it is painful.

  •  Avoid sun exposure and heavy exercise.

process of PRP therapy

Step by step PRP Therapy

Treatment for hair loss using PRP (platelet-rich plasma) consists of three steps:

  • Blood is drawn from the person

  • Drawn blood will be processed

  • The processed blood will be injected into the scalp.

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You should see your first results in 2-6 weeks. As time passes, you’ll find that the pain lessens with every week that passes. Many patients see great improvement within 6-9 months of the treatment.

In short, yes. There are no foreign substances being injected into your body, so most doctors consider the procedure to be very safe. The only possible complications are those of needle insertion, and they include bleeding, bruising, infection, and soreness. However, all medical procedures carry risks – and that includes PRP. Still, what’s important to remember is that there are no foreign bodies being injected and no concern for disease transmission.

Yes. We have treated many patients in your situation, and we have been able to help most of them to improve their function, reduce their pain, and enjoy a better quality of life. However, you should keep in mind that the surgery you have had creates limitations on what we can achieve. Surgery disrupts the normal architecture of the body and replaces much of your normal tissue with extensive scar tissue. There is only so much PRP and stem cell treatments can do to help this – but we may still be able to leave you in a better position than you were in before our treatments.

We believe that PRP is the future – of medicine and pain relief. We fully expect that more and more patients will ask for PRP as the results of this innovative treatment come in. Physicians, too, will be excited, since they’ll have another effective treatment option to give to their patients. This kind of autologous treatment is only just beginning, and while we don’t know for certain what the future will hold for PRP treatment, we’re certainly excited to find out.

We can’t answer that question here, as the answer is different for everyone. Your underlying disease process and recent injury history will affect how long and how well the treatment will work for you. We can’t predict whether you’ll need to come back for further treatment as time goes on. (An entirely new injury could lead to an entirely new course of treatment.) Sometimes patients do have to come back months or years later for further treatment; sometimes they do not.