Tattoo Removal In Yamuna Vihar, Delhi

At Dr. Aggarwal’s Wellness Multispeciality Hospital, tattoo removal services are performed as per patient expectations. Dr. Anuj Aggarwal is an eminent dermatologist and provides the best cosmetic treatments in Delhi. All aesthetic and dermatological procedures meet International safety standards. We have the best treatment for tattoo removal in Yamuna Vihar, Delhi

We strive to update our technology to serve patients better. After physical examination, we guide the patients about Q-switched lasers, dermabrasion, and surgical tattoo removal. Tattoo removals are technique sensitive, hence prefer recognized hair hospital and experienced dermatologists.

Getting a tattoo is simple, but removing it is considered impossible. But not any longer. Tattoo removal has also become a simple and easy process, with the help of which any tattoo, from small to large, can be permanently removed from any body part. Dr. Aggarwal’s Wellness Multispeciality Hospital, located in Yamuna Vihar, Delhi, is one of the best tattoo removal Hospital. Because our skin specialist, Dr. Anuj Aggarwal, is trained in all aspects of tattoo removal, you can rely on her for the best tattoo removal results.

We have skin specialists in our hospital who are highly skilled and have previous experience with laser tattoo removal, they are the best if you want reliability and dependability. Using the most advanced laser machines, we strive to provide permanent tattoo removal at the most affordable price. Dr. Anuj Aggarwal makes certain that the end result is exactly what the patient wants. Because the targeted region is introduced to the laser beams with extreme precision, the result is smooth skin free of an unwanted tattoo. 

tattoo removal by Dr. Anuj Aggarwal
tatto removl technique
technique used by dermatologist

Benefits of taking this treatment from us:-

  • Benefits of tattoo removal:- The main advantage once the settings are completed you get rid of unwanted tattoos for several months to a few years. Tattoo-fading technology has become more advanced and effective.

  • No skin damage:- At treatment time we are focused on the skin and no tissue injure

  • Quick procedure:- 4 to 10 sessions to completely remove the tattoo, with 4 weeks intervals.

  • Cost-effective:- Tattoo removal has long-lasting results, it eliminates limitless expenditure.

Precautions to be taken before & after treatment

  • Informed the dermatologist regarding current medication, and medical problems during treatment. 

  • Please shower or bathe freshly before coming in. Your skin must be completely free of lotions, oils, creams, and fragrances.

  • Protect the tattoo area from UV radiation, at least, one month before the procedure.

  • For a faster recovery, you should stop smoking and drinking at least six weeks before treatment. This will keep your kidney and liver healthy.

  • Drink lots of water and eat healthy.

  • The treated skin should be kept away from heat for at least 10-14 days after the procedure. Avoid hot bathing, saunas, and sunlight for this period.

  • To prevent infection, apply the recommended ointment and cover the treated area with a sterilized bandage.

  • After tattoo removal, avoid strenuous exercises that can affect the treated area for a while because it’s still sensitive.

  • Even after the procedure, stay in touch with your dermatologist. If you observe any untoward reaction.

all body tattoo removal

Step-by-step tattoo removal

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  • It is a medical procedure conducted on specialized skin. In the beginning, the area of treatment is thoroughly cleaned.

  • In some cases, an anesthetic gel is applied over the sensitive area.  The gel shows the effect after 30 to 60 minutes.

  • Then the area is held firmly, and the machine is applied over the skin, the laser pulses are perceived as pinpricks by patients.

  • In a few minutes to hours, the area is treated, and the patient can go home.


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Most clients compare the tattoo removal laser to a rubber band being snapped against the skin. Other patients have said it feels like having a tattoo applied. Because everyone has a different pain threshold, every patient will react to the laser differently. Luckily, laser tattoo removal treatments are very quick and last anywhere from 1 to 30 minutes depending on the size of the tattoo being treated.

Laser tattoo removal is the safest method for removing unwanted ink from the skin. Our laser is designed to specifically target and shatter ink without harming any of the surrounding skin tissue. The most common side effects are itchiness, redness, swelling, scabbing, and blistering. All these side effects are temporary and heal over time. Clients are strongly advised not to pick, poke, pop or scrap any scabs or blisters that form. Doing so can lead to scarring and infection. Be sure to follow proper aftercare instructions to ensure your skin heals flawlessly.

Much like getting a tattoo, having a tattoo removed involves some aftercare to ensure proper healing. See our aftercare instructions for more information.

At Electra Laser, we use only medical-grade, CSA-approved laser equipment. All of our technicians have received training specific to Alexandrite Laser-pumped-laser and Q-switched YAG Laser Technologies. The Alex Tri-Vantage’s leading-edge technology enables us to provide outstanding, efficient service to our growing clientele. Our equipment is maintained and repaired by professional service technicians who have been certified by the manufacturer.

If you are considering covering an old tattoo with a new tattoo your artist may suggest undergoing laser tattoo removal to lighten/fade the old tattoo. Often, this makes the process of doing a cover up easier and provides a better end result. In this case fewer treatment sessions will be necessary to lighten the tattoo.